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Human Rights

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Canada should support the U.N. to enforce all International Court of Justice sanctions in defence of Human Rights.  57%
all humans should have equal rights..freedom food and equality

(by chris.sartain Friday 13th of February 2009 02:56:25 AM )

all humans should have equal rights..water, shelter, food, and access to medicare

(by jack.greenwell Sunday 12th of September 2010 11:58:39 PM )

U.N. should help enforce International Criminal Court decisions

(by bofilter Thursday 04th of September 2008 07:38:22 PM )

Every Canadian resident s/b entitled to live off the land like the Native Indians

(by Michael.Schemmann Sunday 14th of August 2011 10:33:46 PM )

with Rights & Privillages come Responsibillities

(by jurgen.kuhl2 Monday 29th of October 2012 01:24:38 PM )

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